2kg of frozen strawberries Kaori – うるう農園
2kg of frozen strawberries Kaori
2kg of frozen strawberries Kaori
2kg of frozen strawberries Kaori
2kg of frozen strawberries Kaori
2kg of frozen strawberries Kaori
2kg of frozen strawberries Kaori

2kg of frozen strawberries Kaori

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¥ 3,000 (including tax by shipping)

Same day it is freezing the popular varieties ((the smell))!

Season as it is, at the time when you like any time.

Jams and smoothies, of course! As it is to eat even if delicious ^^♪


Which are in the milk into a thick strawberry milk if squish♪


Only cut in the shaved ice machine for home, we are also able to Datte popular "Kezuri strawberry" in leap plantation♪


(Please check because there is also those that do not correspond to some devices.)

You can use a variety because it is plenty of 2 kg filled♪


Delivered in a private gift box.


Sweet and sour spread to the moment you put in the mouth "happiness".

Spend time with loved ones "happy" that ... together with moments


Excitement when I opened the box, while Imagine the face rejoice when Hoba' bite,

Brought up wholeheartedly, we are carefully harvest and packing.




Leap plantation Good




Because I want to eat in important person ...

Leap farm strawberries, plenty use the [organic fertilizer],It has been grown in reduced pesticide.

In addition, even in the strawberry farmers of the locality Fukuoka Prefecture Amaou,

It has been certified to slightly Fukuoka Prefecture [special cultivation] only have not been authenticated to less than 1%.







Old-fashioned soil cultivation has a different taste!

In the leap plantations, rather than the high set cultivation (How to Make in the shelf of the waist height) commonly found in the strawberry farm,

It has adopted a soil culture cultivation planted the strain of strawberries to the old-fashioned soil.

This method, but it takes time and effort of cultivation, since the capacity of the soil is large,

Sucking good fertilizer will create an delicious strawberries.





As you can feel the "taste-joy" .......

Carefully we grow strawberries from the summer of seedling development.

about shipping cost
Delivery region Shipping (tax included)
Hokkaido 1,950 yen
Northeast 1,550 yen
Koushinetsu 1,350 yen
Hokuriku 1,350 yen
Kanto 1,350 yen
Middle 1,350 yen
Kansai 1,100 yen
China 1,100 yen
Shikoku 1,100 yen
Kyushu 950 yen
Okinawa 1,950 yen

※ size, there is a change in the shipping charges by weight.

※ If additional relay fee such as the island it takes I will guide the payment by e-mail separately.

※ dispatch to cool facilities are improper region is not free.
※ overseas shipment is not free.

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