Special exhibition ex 400 g for gifts – うるう農園
Special exhibition ex 400 g for gifts
Special exhibition ex 400 g for gifts
Special exhibition ex 400 g for gifts
Special exhibition ex 400 g for gifts
Special exhibition ex 400 g for gifts
Special exhibition ex 400 g for gifts
Special exhibition ex 400 g for gifts

Special exhibition ex 400 g for gifts

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Deliver delicious "Happy".

This item is a reserved product. Sales starts from December.

We will deliver carefully selected Ama-Ooi strawberry in a dedicated gift box.

"Special Cultivation" * Amano-Safe-U-Mao Ama, is perfect for your interest in the gifts to important people.

Open and smile, eat and smile.




It will be delivered in a dedicated gift box.


What is used for packaging is a special container for one-strawberry strawberry.

It's hard to pain from the time of shipping strawberries.


※ The image is 800g.


Delivered picking up!

Shipping is only the one taken on that day.

The staff carefully select and harvest only those of eating.

Harvested at the most delicious timing is shipped in the day of harvest.

Since farmers are direct, they can be delivered while keeping freshness.




It is important to grow.

Smile when opening the box, imagining a smile when I saw it alone,

Grow up with your heart, harvest and pack it carefully.


※ Because you have carefully selected the things around you, the yield is different depending on the day and the date can not be specified.

Please note that you deliver only delicious ones.

We will order sequentially (within 7 days in principle) in the order of order.

About grade classification

grade size feature
Ex Large ball ~ middle ball The shape is also good, has a sense of premium and perfect for gifts.
Dx Middle It is relatively shaped, and you can enjoy "Amao" rash.




▼ I'm ready to say! !


After giving to a friend, I was very pleased.

It was delicious, and the family was able to replenish my mind and vitamin.

Thank you for the delicious Ama.


I sent a repeat with a request from my grandchildren.

Since five brothers, it seems that it was eaten in no time.

Fresh and sweet. I was pleased with "Ichigo high".


In the mouth, the churty and sweet and sour was spread and it was a vivid taste!

I was impressed that strawberry is so delicious!

Thank you!

Good for the farm




Because I want to eat an important person ...

Uruma farm strawberry uses [organic fertilizer] plenty,It is grown by reducing pesticides.

In addition, even strawberry farmers in Fukuoka Prefecture,

It is certified as Fukuoka Prefecture [special cultivation] that has only been certified only to just 1%.







Old-fashioned soil cultivation is different in taste!

Uru Affn is not a high-sized cultivation (how to make it on the waist height shelf) often seen in strawberry farms,

We adopt soil cultivation that planted strawberry strain on old-fashioned soil.

This method takes time and effort, but because there are many soil capacities,

I often suck fertilizer and make delicious strawberry.





Let me feel "delicious and joy" .....

We are carefully raising salmon from the lifting of summer seedlings.

about shipping cost
Delivered area Shipping (including tax)
Hokkaido ¥ 1,700
Eastern 1,300 yen
Crown 1,100 yen
Hokuriku 1,100 yen
Kanto 1,100 yen
Middle part 1,100 yen
Kansai 900 yen
China 900 yen
Shikoku 900 yen
Kyushu 750 yen
Okinawa ¥ 1,700

※ There is a change in shipping rate by size and weight.

※ If there is additional relay fee such as remote island, we will guide you separately by e-mail.

※ We can not ship to local area.
※ Delivery overseas is not supported.

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