Expedition ex 800 800 g – うるう農園
Expedition ex 800 800 g
Expedition ex 800 800 g
Expedition ex 800 800 g
Expedition ex 800 800 g
Expedition ex 800 800 g
Expedition ex 800 800 g
Expedition ex 800 800 g
Expedition ex 800 800 g
Expedition ex 800 800 g
Expedition ex 800 800 g
Expedition ex 800 800 g

Expedition ex 800 800 g



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Delicious "happiness" is delivered.

This item becomes a reservation item. Sales start is scheduled for December.

I put it in a special gift box and receive it.

It is suitable for the gift to the important person to the reward for oneself to the important person who is certified in the special cultivation.

Open, smile, eat and smile.


Siawase 2


Gift box.

Gift box

The special container for strawberry is used for packing.

Shaking from the vibration of strawberry is hard to hurt.

400 yurikago

* the image is 800 grams.



Because it is direct delivery of the farm. Fresh delivery!

Shipping only on that day.

The staff is carefully selected to harvest only the ones at the time of eating.

Strawberries harvested at the most delicious timing are shipped out of the day.

It is delivered directly to the farmhouse, so you can deliver the freshness.




I grow up like my child.

When I opened the box, I imagined a face of joy when I had a bite

It grows with the heart, and is harvested and packing carefully.


* the amount of food is different depending on the day because it is carefully selected

No date specified.

Please understand to deliver only delicious items.

We will order the order of shipment order within 7 days.

Difference of grades

Grade Size Features
Ex Otome It has a premium feeling and is suitable for gift giving.
DX Nakadama It has a relatively simple shape and can enjoy "amo".




Such a voice arrives!

Your voice

Kutikomi 1

I was very glad to send it to my friend.

It was delicious, and the family and the body and the body were able to supply vitamins, so I got in touch.

Thank you for the delicious.

Kutikomi 2

I sent repeat requests from grandchildren.

It is said that he had fallen down with his brother while he was five brothers.

Fresh and sweet. I was pleased with "strawberry best".

Kutikomi 3

The sweetness and sweetness spread in the mouth, and it was delicious and delicious.

I was impressed that strawberry was so delicious!

Thank you!

Annoyance of growl farm

Kidawari 1

Kodawari 01


Because I want important people to eat...

Strawberries' strawberries use organic fertilizers.It is cultivated with reduced agricultural chemicals.

In addition, strawberry farmers in Fukuoka Prefecture

It is certified as a special cultivation in Fukuoka Prefecture that has been certified only under 1%.




Kodawari 2

Kodawari 02


The traditional soil cultivation is different in taste!

In a growl farm, it is not a high altitude cultivation (a method of making it with a height shelf of the waist) often seen in the strawberry plantation.

It adopts soil cultivation that planted the stock of strawberries on old soil.

This method takes a lot of time for cultivation, but it has a lot of soil capacity

The fertilizer is well sucked and delicious strawberry is made.





To be able to feel delicious and happy.

The strawberry is carefully cultivated from the seedling development in summer.

About shipping
Delivery area Carriage
Hokkaido 1250 yen
Tohoku 15550 yen
Koshinetsu 12350 yen
Hokuriku 12350 yen
Kanto 12350 yen
Chubu 12350 yen
Kansai 100 yen
China 100 yen
Shikoku 100 yen
Kyushu 950 yen
Okinawa 1250 yen

* there is a change in delivery charge by size and weight.

* if you need additional relays such as an isolated island, we will pay you by email.

* you can't ship to the cool flights area.
* delivery to foreign countries is not supported.

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